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    Travel shots: Why the Hepatitis A vaccine is crucial for travelers!

    If you’re planning a trip overseas in the coming few months, especially to underdeveloped countries, travel immunizations should be an important part of your travel-checklist. Consult your doctor well in advance of any planned international trips! Doing this will help keep you informed as to which travel shots you may require depending on your particular destination.

    One of the more important travel vaccines is Hepatitis A, which you would need to protect yourself against hepatitis. Before learning more about the details of the Hepatitis A vaccine, let’s learn more about Hepatitis A itself:

    Hepatitis A is a virus that affects liver health

    Hepatitis A is usually spread through contaminated water or food

    Hepatitis A is not a chronic infection

    The patient may show symptoms after two or six weeks of exposure to Hepatitis A virus that means you can visit and return to a country without being aware of the infection. The following are some of the common Hepatitis A symptoms, including:

    1) Fatigue

    2) Jaundice

    3) Stomach Pain

    4) Nausea

    5) Low Appetite

    These symptoms usually persist for a few weeks, or months during severe cases. While it can happen, death from Hepatitis A is also a very rare occurrence.

    What is the Hepatitis A vaccine?

    Generally, a doctor will recommend the Hepatitis A vaccination to people who are at a higher risk of getting exposure to the Hepatitis A virus. This usually includes travelers, or medical lab workers. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from the Hepatitis A virus. Keep in mind, you may require two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine within a gap of six months

    Who is the right candidate for a Hepatitis A vaccination?

    Anyone who is over the age of one year can get the Hepatitis A vaccine. That being said, this vaccine is generally recommended for the following individuals and situations

    • People who work or travel frequently to countries susceptible to Hepatitis A
    • People who live in an area or region where Hepatitis A is common
    • Homosexual males
    • People who use illegal drugs
    • People working with Hepatitis A samples or patients

    In which countries is the Hepatitis virus generally found?

    The Hepatitis A virus is most commonly found in the following countries:

    1) Brazil

    2) India

    3) China

    4) Cambodia

    5) Ghana

    6) Mexico

    7) Kenya

    8) Costa Rica

    9) Peru

    10) Nigeria

    11) Thailand

    Do Hepatitis A vaccines require booster shots?

    Yes. Hepatitis A vaccines do require booster shots to ensure full protection against the virus. But, the number of the boosters, and the timing of each follow up visit generally vary based on the date and type of vaccination received. Your doctor should make you aware of any follow up visits or booster shots and when you will need them shortly after your first vaccination.

    Remember, Hepatitis A vaccinations are crucial when traveling overseas. You must protect yourself and your family from getting infected by this or any other virus! Are you looking for Travel Vaccinations in NYC ? Contact the Travel Clinic of New York City at: (212) 686-5835

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