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  • Polio Vaccine New York

    What is it

    Polio is a viral infection that affects nervous system causing poliomyelitis. The symptoms are paralysis, affecting the legs or the facial nerves.

    How you get it

    Polio infection is easily spread through contaminated food or water or by respiratory contact.

    Where is it common

    While Polio is considered to be eliminated here in the US, polio still exists in many developing countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

    Who should get Polio vaccine

    Anyone who has not been previously immunized or has not been fully immunized according to the US immunization schedule. Also travellers to areas where poliomyelitis is widespread who received their last dose of polio vaccine more than 10 years ago.

    Polio Vaccine New York City

    What to expect after vaccination

    Adverse reactions to Polio immunization are usually mild and confined to the first few days after immunization. The most common reactions are mild, transient soreness, and redness at the injection site. Severe reactions (such as lips swelling, tongue swelling, difficulty breathing, etc) following vaccination are very rare.

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