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    Travel Clinics NY

    I needed a tetanus shot at the last minute before my trip, and Travel Clinic NYC was incredibly accommodating. They quickly arranged an appointment for me, ensuring I received the vaccination in time. Their ability to assist on such short notice, combined with efficient service, was impressive. Highly recommended for anyone needing last-minute travel vaccinations.

    - Janice

    Receiving the yellow fever shot at Travel Clinic NYC was a seamless experience. The clinic’s team was prompt, ensuring that I was well-informed about the vaccine’s benefits and the regions where it’s crucial for travel. Their expertise, from consultation to vaccination, underscored their commitment to traveler safety and health. I highly recommend Travel Clinic NYC for their professionalism and the efficient way they handle vaccinations, making health precautions for international travel easier to manage.

    - Michael

    Getting Hepatitis A vaccination at the Travel Clinic of New York was incredibly easy. The staff provided clear guidance, ensuring a seamless process. Their expertise and professionalism gave me peace of mind. I highly recommend their services to anyone in New York City seeking Hepatitis A vaccination.

    - John


    Travel Vaccines NYC

    All You Need To Know About Travel Vaccinations

    So, you’re all set to travel the world and fulfill your wildest dreams. You might have even prepared your travel checklist well in advance! Things such as your flight & hotel booking, activities, places to visit, and more; but have you visited your healthcare provider to get travel vaccinations? If your travel list also includes… Continue reading All You Need To Know About Travel Vaccinations

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    Travel Vaccination New York

    Travel shots: Why the Hepatitis A vaccine is crucial for travelers!

    If you’re planning a trip overseas in the coming few months, especially to underdeveloped countries, travel immunizations should be an important part of your travel-checklist. Consult your doctor well in advance of any planned international trips! Doing this will help keep you informed as to which travel shots you may require depending on your particular… Continue reading Travel shots: Why the Hepatitis A vaccine is crucial for travelers!

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    Tetanus Vaccine Clinic Manhattan

    Things You May Not Have Known About Hepatitis A & B

    It’s fairly common for most of us to overlook certain things when we’re getting ready for a big vacation, or an upcoming trip somewhere. Traveling abroad can be both an exciting adventure, and a major stressor for people at times. We may overlook some things, but there are certain things we should never overlook. Getting… Continue reading Things You May Not Have Known About Hepatitis A & B

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